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Welcome to Grant's Heavenly Top Ten. Well, we are quickly approaching the special day when we pay homage to mom. If you've ever had a mom, and there is a good chance that you have, there is an equally good chance that she had a few pet saying for you. You know what I mean, things like — "Don't you look at me like that!" Or, "I'll wipe that smile off your face, young man!" Well, with that in mind, I began to wonder if these sayings had a long history of use. Imagine my surprise when I found out that they did! So, without further adieu, the late April, early May 1998 Edition of the Heavenly Top Ten, is:


“Top Ten Sayings
Of Biblical Mothers”


* Please note that the word "spend" isn't used in the sense of time,
but in the sense of "giving his all"; "being poured out".

The Heavenly Top Ten is intended to be a fun look at issues of faith and fellowship. It should not be considered a serious treatment of
any of the topics presented.

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