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OK, I admit it! I hate Halloween. I hate the evil, the mischief, and the greed that it promotes. I hate that it is the High Holy Day for many people who worship the creation instead of the Creator, not to mention those who worship Satan himself. I could go on, but you get the point. (If you want to know how we as a family handle Halloween, click here.)

Having said that, I realize that many Christians disagree with me. That's fine, but can I make a suggestion? If you're taking your child(ren) out for Halloween, why not redeem it for Christ? If this idea is even remotely attractive to you, read on because the October Edition of the Heavenly Top Ten is:


“Top Ten Suggestions For
Christian Halloween Costumes”



The Heavenly Top Ten is intended to be a fun look at issues of faith and fellowship. It should not be considered a serious treatment of
any of the topics presented.

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