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My! How Sundays have changed! It used to be that the only competition churches had on Sundays was staying at home and watching the grass grow, or the snow fall. Church naturally became the focal point of the community and even the evening service thrived! Well, in case you haven't noticed, those 'glory days' are long gone! Now the Church has to compete with a non-stop world of abundant, instant, entertainment. With this in mind, here is my tongue-in-cheek comment on how far some may go to bring 'em in! March's Edition of the Heavenly Top Ten is:


“Top Ten Ways To Promote
Growth In Your Church”


Thanks to Geoff Clarke for help on this one!

The Heavenly Top Ten is intended to be a fun look at issues of faith and fellowship. It should not be considered a serious treatment of
any of the topics presented.

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