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When we read the biblical account of what transpired at the empty tomb that Resurrection Sunday, we have to wonder why the stone that sealed the tomb was rolled away. Reading between the lines it seems that Jesus was already long gone when the stone was rolled away. At least, no where do we have any indication that Jesus came forth from the tomb after the stone was rolled away. So, why was the stone rolled away? The most obvious answer would to so that the world could see for themselves that God's greatest act of love was a complete slam dunk. But, maybe there are a few other reasons as well. I wonder what those reason might have been? Lucky for you, the April 2000 Edition of the Heavenly Top Ten explores this fascinating question, so here without further adieu is:


Top Ten Reasons The Stone
Was Rolled Away!



The Heavenly Top Ten is intended to be a fun look at issues of faith and fellowship. It should not be considered a serious treatment of any of the topics presented.